Hello! I am Marie Durrett (née Sainton) and it’s so nice to meet you.  I am a Registered Interior Designer in Texas with over eight years experience in commercial and residential design, from DIY to hospitals and many things in between.  My motive is to use my gifts and talents to help others improve their lives through thoughtful, efficient, and beautiful design.


For my eleventh birthday, I asked my parents for a matching set of bedroom furniture. This was followed by years of rearranging my room, their house, making questionable paint choices, and watching my dad build stuff in the garage.  They weren’t surprised (after one too many Trading Spaces marathons) that I wanted to be an interior designer.
I live in Dallas, my birthplace, with my husband, Philip.  We watch too much television and like to go on walks in our neighborhood, preferably on our way to a new restaurant.  I absorb books, magazines, blogs, and other media related to design and thoroughly enjoy discussing woodwork detailing and ADA requirements. I’m a design nerd and love to find creative and practical solutions to make beautiful and functional spaces.