Bigger Than My Body

DONALD JUDD (15 untitled works in concrete, 1980-1984)



One of the highlights of our trip to Marfa was playing with my new camera at Donald Judd’s concrete works at the Chinati Foundation.  Just one mile out of town, you can walk the one kilometer of 15 concrete works and take pictures–they just ask that you don’t touch them.  I really wanted to crawl inside them…but I didn’t.  Please don’t tell them I did.





We had to take lots of action shots; it was such a neat landscape.  Philip said this is probably the girliest thing about me–insisting on taking fun photos for my blog…



Thank goodness for tripods.  There were a few pictures of me still running to get into place, but Philip managed to get this one just right.  He’s a lot faster than me.



I think we were starting to get tired here.  Mind you, this was about noon on a sunny day and we were ready for lunch and we had almost walked a kilometer–what’s that like 3 miles?  Kidding.




WHEN you go to Marfa, be sure to check out this and the other exhibits (that you aren’t allowed to take pictures of) at the Chinati Foundation.  Very cool stuff.  So much fun to interact with.




Keep The Car Running


Philip and I just got back from our adventure in Marfa, TX (affectionately referred to as “hipster paradise”). I’m already on the road again for work (meetings in Round Rock)–so much driving! The trip to Marfa was worth it! I’ve been dying to go since I read about it in New York Times and have been planning my adventure.


We decided to stay at the Thunderbird Hotel, based on many blog reviews. I highly recommend it–we were able to walk to most of the restaurants and shops. The room was adorable and they served pumpkin-pineapple empanadas at the weekend continental breakfast!


Minimal decor, only the essentials, and everything was of quality. I took all the Malin + Goetz products they gave us!


Loved the patio furniture too! I believe they’re by Benton/Garza in Marfa (they have beautiful wood pieces too).


Start planning your trip now! There are more posts to come. I won’t subject you to the 700+ picture we took…I’ll try to keep it under 100!