We Used To Wait

When you meet someone for the first time, one of the polite questions to ask to stimulate conversation is, “And what do you do?” I cringe a little when I have to fess up that I’m an interior designer. People, well generally women, get very excited and usually say, “Oh how fun! I always wanted to do that. You should come do my house!” Then we talk about HGTV. My dentist asks me about HGTV every six months. Sometimes I downplay my response and mumble, “Well, I primarily work in Healthcare and I’ve done some Federal work…” or after a glass of wine, I shout, “Yeah! You want your house to look like a hospital!? I can do that!”

Basically, I need to have more self-confidence. That’s not so unusual, right? Right? Please confirm that we have this in common so I won’t feel different. I’m actually pretty good at what I do, and while I haven’t won any awards, I’m compelled to share my love for design and style.

I spend a lot of my “I should probably be more productive now” time devouring blogs of all sorts–design, fashion, food, lifestyle, personal, and plain-ol’ trashy ones. I have found that’s where most of my information comes from–people giving their personal account of their thoughts and thought process. I’m a nosy person and I get a kick out of peeking into other people’s lives, so I may as well return the favor.

I will apologize ahead of time for being mundane, telling you about things you don’t care about, and being very self-indulgent–but hey, then it wouldn’t be a blog.

2 Replies to “We Used To Wait”

  1. Be very carefull what you write. The thoughts you share are forever stored in cyberspace and can never be deleted.

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