My Doorbell

I spent a good half hour looking at The Rug Company’s collection online after seeing Studio Ten 25’s latest blog post. I decided I NEED this rug, but it probably costs as much as the balance on my student loan.

“But wait Marie, you DID just buy a rug!” Oh yes! On an impromptu trip to Target, I impulse-purchased a welcome mat from Dwell Studio for Target! (Guess I’m not much for planning.)

For $20 I finally fit in with the rest of my hallway at my apartment building and have a place to wipe my feet. I instantly felt more hospitable to my neighbors and guest. It’s the little things, isn’t it?

One Reply to “My Doorbell”

  1. Door mat, door bell, door knob, door knocker, door frame, door panel, door jamb, door stop. Your welcome mat is very nice.

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