Walking With a Ghost

It’s been so hot lately, but I can’t stay inside all day anymore.  I love taking a walk in the evenings after a hard day of sitting at a computer.  Tonight, I got a big bottle of ice water and stepped out in my old haunts around TCU, Park Place, and University Place.

I’m fascinated by this Art Deco-y, Park Hill Drive bridge from 1910 (which is pre-Deco).  It’s well worn, but there are neat details–blue accent tiles and blue painted railing with a triangle pattern at the top.

I love the little shops at University and Park Hill.  I remember they used to advertise in the Skiff and give students discounts.  I miss Byrd and Bleecker being there (easy access to fabulous greeting cards), now that they’ve moved to Camp Bowie.  Shoe Gypsy is delightful!  The girl who runs the place is a joy.  I keep meaning to go in to get some TOMS, so I can be cool like the current TCU students.

There are some beautiful houses in this neighborhood (which is why I like to walk here), I try my best to guess the style or era of all the different custom homes.

This is so close to the Fort Worth Zoo!  You can see the back of it over this bridge

A friend of mine used to live in Mistletoe Heights and said she could hear lions roar in the morning sometimes.  Yikes!

Here’s hoping for better walking weather soon!

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