The other day my sister sent me a link to some curtains she’s thinking of getting for her new apartment:

First of all, I love them!  I’ve realized (as I want some new curtains too) that I opt for solids too often, thinking that I should keep it simple.  I need some more pattern in my life!  These are for her bedroom, where the only other pattern is a plaid bedspread.  This scroll pattern will definitely liven up the room and give it some color.

The problem is she’s not in the apartment yet (and doesn’t have a key), but she wants to get the curtains now.  She texted me this stalker picture saying, “Here’s the bedroom window!”

She has a tiny yard for her tiny doggies!  Jealous.

By looking at this picture, I can use my interior designer context clues to make a guess on the size she needs.  Door headers are typically at 7′-0″ high and it looks like the top of the window aligns with the top of the door.  The shortest curtain length is 84″, i.e. 7′-0″.  Unless she wants to hang the curtains right at the top of the window (not recommended), she needs to go longer.  I texted back a professional sketch:

I’m assuming she will have, at least, 9′-0″ ceilings.  The next length offered is 95″ (1″ short of 8′-0″, why?  Why not just 96″ JC Penney?) so she could hang the rod a few inches above the window, which is a better proportion for the height of the room and the window.  I like to have my drapes just touch the floor, some people want them to puddle, some people don’t like to vacuum around them–personal preference!

It’s still a month before she moves and until I can check my guess-work.  Maybe I’ll have to get myself some drapes to test the theory on myself…

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