Golden Age

Last weekend, I picked up a sale skirt at Anthropologie and as I was checking out, I noticed a sign at the cash wrap advertising “At First Sight…”  I asked the sales person what it was and she said, “Oh, that’s our Holiday Display Workshop!”  Say what!?!  Sign me up!  So last night, I went to my local Anthropologie and helped craft some of their displays for the holidays!  I know it was free labor on my part, but who cares?  I had so much fun!

Much to my shame, I arrived late and missed most of the introduction about the history of their displays and how that department of Anthropologie works.  I want to know more, “do they need my help!?” and, “can I be your friend?!”  We jumped right into crafting!

There were two tables set up and one table added cute decorations onto already cute Anthro mugs.  The table I was at made ingenious “spoon orbs” (as I like to call them) to hang from the ceiling.  We had a styrofoam balls, wrapped in masking tape, and spray painted either gold, bronze, or silver (they did this prep work for us).  Then we were given spray painted plastic spoons:

They said they were going for a gradient effect, with the lightest part at the spoon, and they clipped the ends of the handle to make a sharp point (be careful!) in order to make it easier to stab it into the sphere.  It took a good hour for me to finish mine, but they came out to be so cool!

Leave it to those girls to come up with such a great idea.  They are given tight budgets to work with, so they try to use the cheapest materials they can find.

The set up we were in was beautiful, they gave us treats, they answered our nosey questions about the store and discounts, and their workshop that’s in the back of the store!  They sent us home with ornaments they made too as a thank you!

They put the spoons we were using in the bucket–I mean, really, nothing is left undecorated or done less thoughtfully.

Check Anthropologie’s Facebook page events to see when it’s at your local store.  I signed up to be notified for other display events–I highly recommend it!  I’m going to go back in a couple of weeks to see where they hung it up and then stop everyone who walks by to let them know, “See that thing with the spoons?  I did that.  Yeah, it was pretty hard, I gold some gold on my hands…”

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