Thursday Thoughts: Challengers

In Defense of Snobs

I’ve been accused of being snob more often than I’d like to admit. Is it high standards? Is it only wanting to do your best and be your best self? Am I telling myself these things to build up my self-confidence? (which clearly, I don’t need to do because I’m a snob…)

I buy quality over quantity pretty consistently. I wouldn’t dare call myself a “foodie,” but man, fancy cheeses are awesome. Ina Garten is my homegirl (find me a shirt that says this, please!) and hers are the only cookbooks I trust. I don’t like shoes under $100; I am convinced they will be uncomfortable (my sister gets very upset at me for this one). If I don’t know a brand, I don’t buy it. Simple as that.

I guess there is “pride in your work” and “putting your best foot forward (in $100+ shoes).” I take pride in the designs I send out and I do my best to make sure they’re perfect. I figuratively beat myself up when I see “adn” or “hte” in the notes. (Let’s not forget the time I called out for super dark brown paint to go on the walls of a teeny tiny bathroom, instead of the door frame.) It upsets me to see halfhearted attempts. My expectations are almost as high as my nose is in the air.

With snobbery, there’s also being a jerk and being above everyone else. I think we’ve all had the chance to work or interact with someone like that. Sometimes they push you to do your best work and raise your level quality—that’s when it’s great! Sometimes it’s awful and you can’t get past how terrible they’re acting and then the rest of the team bands together in solidarity against that person and goes to happy hour without inviting them—not the best working situation.

I hope I’m the first kind—challenging others and expecting the best. There are times when I’m tired and weak and I’m just the jerk. I try to avoid that by not criticizing without a solution. “I love your idea to use green on the walls! Maybe we could find one that’s more green…” I always try to acknowledge the other person’s hard work and thought process. That’s just plain respect! (Find out what it means to me! i.e. Thursday Thoughts). That’s the best part about collaborating! Challenging and learning from each other—isn’t that the whole point of this season of Project Runway?

I’m going to stay a snob. I’m going to expect the best (with the exception of this blog), and I hope to get the same from you!

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