Maybe Sparrow

I lied.

I went dress shopping once before the J.Crew dress shopping hour-of-power. Once I had made the Saturday morning appointment at J.Crew at Northpark, two weeks in advance, I received an email from BHLDN. I liked many of the dresses at BHLDN, but I was too fearful to order 5 dresses online to then ship back the duds. My mom, sister, and I had talked about making a big day trip to their store in Houston, but that idea was really a back up in case we failed at J.Crew.

The email I received from BHLDN said that they would be doing a trunk show at the Northpark Anthropologie store for two days and you could make an appointment to try on a bunch of stuff! So I mass emailed Mom and the bridesmaids to confirm they’d be up for a weeknight evening appointment (what good sports they are!).

We arrived at Anthropologie and headed back to the dressing room which had been taken over by some scary, opinionated ladies/customers having their appointment with a young bride and super, sweet BHLDN employees who attended to my every need. The sample sizes were close to my size (they had super small sizes and normalish sizes at the trunk show). I, again, had an hour to try on as much as I could. There were only a couple of dresses I was interested in, but I tried on all that they had in my price range. Only a few made it out for show.

One dress I tried on and was very excited was the Annabelle dress. It’s a lovely silhouette and it was originally introduced as a bridesmaids gown, but when I was there, they had just introduced it in white. It has two additional pieces of tulle that can be used to make the dress a halter, asymmetrical, and other things that the BHLDN lady was kind enough to demonstrate on me.

Not The Dress 1

This was a big contender and a “if J.Crew doesn’t work out…” option. The one thing I didn’t love was the stiffness of the tulle. There were times where it didn’t lay how I wanted it to, due to the stiffness, but that probably could have been fixed with some alterations.

The other dress I really liked was a predecessor to the final dress–similar silhouette, but very different fabric.  The dress is no longer available, but the fabric was a beautiful silk crepe and it was not forgiving in the areas that I had sinned…

Not The Dress 2

I loved the idea of the shape and the sleeve and the neckline.  Maybe if I had sized up and taken it in where I needed to, it would have been more flattering, but I wasn’t ready to purchase it just yet.

Then I tried on fun dresses!  I was so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the dresses in person (especially at the price point!).  My BHLDN attendant wrote down everything I tried on and liked and the sizes we agreed I should get them in.  She also gave me a coupon for free shipping, since I didn’t order anything that day.  It was a lovely experience–I highly recommend BHLDN!

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