Thursday Thoughts: Be Nice To Me

Thursday is my favorite day of the week. I’ve been a sucker for NBC’s Must See TV since Friends first aired. US Weekly arrives Thursday evenings directly to my iPad. I usually stay up too late because I work half-day Friday’s, so who cares if I’m a little sleepy and my hair is a mess? (People actually do care about that one.)

I’ll be honest, I’m still trying to figure out this blog thing. Should it be once a week (because it’s far from it)? Once a month (then what’s the point)? Should I post about new products and do a collage numbered with links? (There are plenty of other blogs well!) Well then, what’s the point of this website? It’s to get to know me better. It’s a space for me to share my thoughts and opinions related to interior design as well as give you an insight into my design philosophy. (Please don’t ask me for my design philosophy because it’s just a bunch of question marks in my head).

In an effort to post regularly and share my thoughts and ideas with you, I thought I would try “Thursday Thoughts.” Why not incorporate something fun and self-indulgent into my favorite day of the week? I should probably eat a cupcake while I do it…

And yes, I know the first post was last week, but that was a fluke. I’m going to do this for reals* now.

*Guys, I’m don’t have an English degree. You would have hated reading the papers I wrote in college. I actually got one back with a paragraph circled in red ink “too casual!”

Thursday Thoughts: The Perfect Space

My Uncle Mike was an academic.  It seemed like he was always in school—master’s degree, doctorate, writing research things.  He was a smarty pants, and also extremely encouraging in whatever field of study I chose.  When I started college, I was in the RTVF program on my way to be the next “Orson Wells,” (then I was going to be the next “[insert famous film editor]” then I started watching too many episodes of “Trading Spaces”) and I had lots of books from Uncle Mike to support my dream.

After one semester of college, I decided it was time to shake things up and change my major to Interior Design.  Almost instantly, I received a gift subscription to Architectural Digest from Uncle Mike.  It’s such a big, beautiful magazine with amazing images of the best of the best.  Something all designers should aspire to—how do you make it on the AD100!?!

I was intimidated, “This is what I signed up to do?”  “How do you even start to come up with a thing…”  When I subscribed to AD (for many years thanks to Uncle Mike), I remembered many of the pages looking like this:

Image via DocStoc

It is beautiful.  This room made someone super happy.  But I can’t create it.  I can’t make that space happen.  This is not a space I want to live in and that’s okay.  (I’ve learned to say that to myself in the mirror.)  How could I create that for someone when I don’t like it for myself?

Architectural Digest is now more accessible, more livable.  With the explosion of blogs, we’re seeing more “real world” content (not the MTV show and I hate that I used “real” incorrectly, the fancy stuff is “real” too).  We see more homes featured from people like us.  We’ve got hand-me-downs, we shop at IKEA, we see the cords to our computers, and that’s a relief!  We’re all insecure about our own home décor (or lack thereof).  When, I go to someone’s house for the first time, they know I’m an interior designer and say, “Oh, don’t look around too much!  It’s not done…”  And I say, “Too late!  It’s been assessed!”  The worst is visiting other interior designer’s homes—we list off all the things that need to change before you have a chance to see what’s there!  This is probably why we never invite each other over…

To me, the role of a residential interior designer is to get your home to a place where YOU love it.  I don’t love my space right now and it’s not half bad, I’ll admit, but I’m always looking to improve it AND THAT’S OKAY.  It will always be a work in progress.  It doesn’t matter what your home looks like as long as you enjoy it.

Dear Science

So, the third time’s the charm, right?  Last Monday was my third attempt at Simple Elegance and my theme was “Science Lab!”

I can’t take full credit for the table, the concept came from Philip–when he first suggested it, I thought, “An elegant Science lab?  Hmm…”  Then he showed up with a water pump for the centerpiece, so we were well on our way!
I found the flasks on Amazon, as well as the test tubes (part of Martha Stewart’s line).  I went to Central Market that morning in hopes for some crazy flowers and they did not disappoint!
The idea for the dessert was for everyone to decorate their own sugar cookies and my chemistry teacher friend lent me her science themed cookie cutters!  Who knew such things existed?  We all had fun letting out our inner decorating mad scientists.
The glowsticks were by far the most popular feature.  I found them on Amazon as well (I went with a bulk order of 100).  I had some left over, so I thought that I would offer some bracelets to my table guests who were thrilled to receive them and proceeded to make necklaces and headbands too!  Again, inner child gone wild!  I’m definitely getting them again for my next party!
Mostly, people asked if I was a science teacher…nope, just a weirdo.





Let’s see, it was three weeks ago, at the day job, that we learned we are consolidating our 7 floors down to 3 floors (in our high rise office building) by next summer.  We had already been moving people around to clear out of some areas to then sublease them to save overhead, which makes sense.  But in this meeting, three weeks ago, we also learned that everyone on the 23rd floor (me) would be moving to the 18th floor the NEXT WEEK.  Meaning:  next week, stop what you’re doing, forget those deadlines, you have to pack up all your belongings; the movers will be here Friday at noon (Thank God for the movers!).



This is just a funny picture of a forgotten-about corner of our new floor, entitled “Where task chairs go to die…”  Poor little task chairs, everyone wants an Aeron!


I may have been one of the few people that were excited about this.  I need an excuse to clean everything out, to purge, to dust off every surface!  It made me anxious about this pile of “things” that sits in the corner of my apartment.  I’m sure you have one too, right?  Things that I need to take to someone, things that need to go in the car, things that are shoes I was too lazy to put away.



Now is as good a time as any to purge!  Usually, I move apartments often enough to keep things light, but as I come closer to renewing my lease her for the third time, I’m thinking, “This place used to be bigger…”  When really I’ve found ways to fill every square inch with STUFF!  The worst!  Like those magazines—why do I have these?  I tell myself, “Oh, I’m going to look through those again and make some awesome binder with cut-outs my favorite things.”  And I think they’ve invented Pinterest since I’ve had that thought.  And I got an iPad where I enjoy reading my mags.  Hmm…recycle!


Happy “Fall” Cleaning!  Just in time to bring out the holiday swag!