Let’s see, it was three weeks ago, at the day job, that we learned we are consolidating our 7 floors down to 3 floors (in our high rise office building) by next summer.  We had already been moving people around to clear out of some areas to then sublease them to save overhead, which makes sense.  But in this meeting, three weeks ago, we also learned that everyone on the 23rd floor (me) would be moving to the 18th floor the NEXT WEEK.  Meaning:  next week, stop what you’re doing, forget those deadlines, you have to pack up all your belongings; the movers will be here Friday at noon (Thank God for the movers!).



This is just a funny picture of a forgotten-about corner of our new floor, entitled “Where task chairs go to die…”  Poor little task chairs, everyone wants an Aeron!


I may have been one of the few people that were excited about this.  I need an excuse to clean everything out, to purge, to dust off every surface!  It made me anxious about this pile of “things” that sits in the corner of my apartment.  I’m sure you have one too, right?  Things that I need to take to someone, things that need to go in the car, things that are shoes I was too lazy to put away.



Now is as good a time as any to purge!  Usually, I move apartments often enough to keep things light, but as I come closer to renewing my lease her for the third time, I’m thinking, “This place used to be bigger…”  When really I’ve found ways to fill every square inch with STUFF!  The worst!  Like those magazines—why do I have these?  I tell myself, “Oh, I’m going to look through those again and make some awesome binder with cut-outs my favorite things.”  And I think they’ve invented Pinterest since I’ve had that thought.  And I got an iPad where I enjoy reading my mags.  Hmm…recycle!


Happy “Fall” Cleaning!  Just in time to bring out the holiday swag!


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