Jackie, Dressed In Cobras

*I like to name posts after some of my favorite songs, so I try to search my iTunes for a title that makes me smile, but doesn’t always make sense…




Often times, I trick myself in to dressing properly (you know, street style blog pic chic), by telling myself, “I could run into a potential client today.”  There are other ways to trick yourself—dress like you’ll run into an ex, dress for the job you want not the job you have, everyday is a runway!  But as I try to develop my business, I have to remind myself that everywhere I go is a chance to meet people and network (without scaring strangers at the supermarket and shouting, “You need a designer?  Look how cute I am!”).  I’ve had too many experiences of running into people at the grocery store post-workout-no-makeup (this was constantly happening at Central Market), which is fine, but I’d rather present my best self whenever possible—meaning, you can still find me at Target without makeup.


THE Designing Women via InStyle


I think, probably too much, about how interior designers dress, as an average, not a rule.  I feel the need to record my thoughts on this topic, for no other reason than self serving ones.  I think of us as stylish, but not nearly as stylish as those in the fashion industry.  We like to be sophisticated, but we’re not as quick to try trends—much like interior design itself–you don’t try all the latest trends in your home, you usually want something to last and is timeless.  We don’t all wear black and grey head to toe, which is more common, in my experience, among architects.  We like to stand out more.   We love color!


Three chic designers, one with bad posture… via MetroCon


I went to MetroCon last week and chatted up my super chic, interior designer friend, Erin who was wearing a black ensemble with a big, beautiful necklace.  I thought to myself, “Yes, this is how interior designers dress!”  We love statement pieces!  We love wearing things that warrant a comment!  We love a focal point and we usually do it with our accessories—shoes, jewelry, scarves, etc.  It’s the same when you decorate your home—the focal point isn’t usually the flooring, it may be the rug on top of it.  It’s not always the sofa, but the pillows on throws on the sofa.  The focal points and accessories are something you can “cost-effectively” change over time based on trends or how tired you are of it after a few years.


Have you noticed certain trends or habits in your line of work?  Do the men all wear blue shirts with khakis?  Is that true of men in all professions?

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