My trip to Marfa is two months from Friday. I cannot wait. I began to obsess over Marfa since I read an article in 2009 in the New York Times. I’ve lived in Texas all my life and I had never heard of it. My mom was born in Pecos, my uncle in San Angelo, and their dad worked in the oil industry. Never heard of it. Now?

via Beyonce | I Am

I cannot STOP hearing about it. All my favorite bloggers go there and take beautiful pictures and have seemingly wonderful experiences. Then flippin’ Beyonce shows up in Marfa! I love me some Beyonce, don’t get me wrong. But now she’s raised the bar. How can I take a decent photo in front of Prada Marfa now?!?

via Thunderbird Marfa

My parents said, “You’re going where?”  and “Why?”


Either way, I still can’t wait to jump in the car with my boyfriend and drive for HOURS to the desert town, eat great food, drink some wine, and RELAX.  Oh and you’re going to hear all about it!  I’ve got two months to work on my high school cheerleader toe-touch and make a Beyonce playlist to drive Philip nuts…

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