All My Mistakes


When I go on a site visit, I get some anxiety about what I’m going to see.  No matter what you do, it seems there’s always something we fail to communicate.  However, I always learn something new in these trips.
Know your corners.  Know what happens when different finishes intersect.  I think in our minds we though, “Where there’s tile floor, there’s tile wall base.  Where’s there’s carpet floor, there’s vinyl base.”  Sigh.  This was painful to see and it was done.  It was past the point of return.  See if we can put a chair in front of it…
Details, details, details!  In my interior design mind, all the wood grain should go in the same direction on these panels.  In the contractor’s mind, switching it up on the smaller panel is a more efficient use of materials.  I get that, but had I been consulted, the results would be different.  Again, it’s done, it’s too late…
This image shows me that we could have done a better job of communicating with the architect. We had lots of horizontal lines happening inside, they had a bunch of horizontal lines happening outside, and not many of those lines…line up.
Overall, the project looks great and the client is happy.  I can’t help but tear myself apart for those details that we didn’t give enough attention to!  Next time, next time…

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