I Can Learn

Two weeks ago, I went with the boyfriend and my friend, Elizabeth to see our favorite podcasters and comedians–Nerdist (Chris HardwickJonah Ray, and Matt Mira)!  (Behind them are Elizabeth, myself, and Philip/the boyfriend).  They did their live show at the South Side Music Hall and it was great!  I’m lucky enough that I can listen to their podcast while I work, but I usually have to stifle my laughter to stop weirding out my coworkers.

I think of myself as mildly nerdy.  I love Harry Potter, I’m catching up on Doctor Who, I like reading business books, I’ve got the glasses, and I’m good at Trivial Pursuit.  Chris Hardwick wrote a book, “The Nerdist Way” and in it he argues that “nerdiness” does not necessarily mean an affinity for science and Star Wars, but rather an obsessive approach to a subject. Which leads me to think–am I a design nerd?  I could learn more about the Eames, I understand fabric properties, I can draft like nobody’s business (but hey, I’m here to design, not draft!)

But here’s how I’m design nerdy: details!  I love the details!  I love figuring out how to build the crazy things we design and how every piece intersects.  Show me some wood joinery, I die (a la Rachel Zoe)!  Last Sunday, Philip and I had lunch at Schlotsky’s (not a place I associate with great details) and they had plastic laminate tables with PVC edgebanding.  But not just any edgebanding, the exact kind I had been looking for on a project.  I couldn’t find any image online and I couldn’t describe it properly to anyone (many failed attempts).  I took a picture with my phone and blabbed on and on to Philip about the pros and cons of plastic laminate countertops and the different ways to to finish the edges.  He’s a really great guy to listen to my crazy.
The moral of the story is be kind to nerds.  They have a wealth of information they would love to share with you.  And find your nerdiness–you know you have one!

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