Make Me Smile

My mom found this card that says, “My bologna has a middle name.  It’s Marie.”.  It really made me laugh because this is her defense whenever someone calls me “Mary” or “Maria” by mistake.  “It’s EVERYONE’S middle name!  How do you not know ‘MARIE?!?'”.  Good ol’ Mom, defending her daughter.  Now “Sainton,” that just can’t be helped…
I immediately searched for a frame for the card because it makes me smile and you should fill your home with things that make you happy.  I hung it by my bedroom door where I see it every morning.
I’ve longed for an old printing tray (or an old tray that holds letterpress letters, whatever you want to call it).  I didn’t know what I would do with it, but I had to have it.  I found the one pictured above at the Montgomery Street Antique Mall for a mere $20 (I couldn’t find one Etsy for under $45) and I realized that I have lots of silly, tiny things (again, that bring me joy) that make me sad to dust around and knock over and attempt to artfully arrange.  Now they all have a lovely home together and I don’t think I’ve dusted them since they moved there…  Whoops.
My sweet, sweet boyfriend, Philip sent me these postcards from Hawaii (we had only been dating a couple of months and he had booked this trip loooong before).  Guess which one arrived first?  I though, “There is a butt in my mail…”. These make me grin ear-to-ear when I think about how excited I was to receive them from my new guy.
Now the #1 was a clearance item from Anthropologie, you know back when number stuff was really big?  Now I have lots of random numbers in my apartment.  Remember that show “Numb3rs?”. Nothing like that.  I’m hoping to find a “2” to go with it, because these hang above the toilet and now you know what kind of sense of humor I have.  The “second place” ribbons from a 5K will have to do for now.

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