Thursday Thoughts: Go Places

It’s wonderful to take a break. It’s essential. It’s what helps your eye to stop twitching. Sometimes the only break I can manage is to walk a lap around the office—rest my eyes, get my body moving, refill my water bottle to get that 8/8! But this past weekend, I took a break with my sister (just in time for National Siblings Day?) and we went to as many restaurants as our stomachs would allow in Austin. It turns out my sister, who has lived in Texas her whole life, has never been to Austin. I’ve only been for short trips like ACL or for work—not enough time to explore the city.

We had to make an appearance on 6th street, if not for the people watching.

We started by making a beeline for Foreign & Domestic (we heard about them via Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives) for their famous popovers (gruyere and black pepper). Everything was delicious! Do you know what ramps are? Me either! Turns out they’re similar to onions and they make a delicious bright green risotto.

Popovers as big as my face!

Other highlights included: Josephine House (we went for some cold beverages and break from walking, I just basked in the décor), Tacos & Tequila (fun drinks, good food), and Elizabeth St. Café (beautiful interiors, great breakfast).

I tried the iced Vietnamese coffee—it was delicious and intimidating (“can I pour it now?).

I loved the design I saw in Austin. There’s new developments downtown, so you’ve got your clean, sleek, modern stuff. But there’s also lots of re-development (is that a term?) of existing structures that just simply well done. Clean, simple, beautiful. It renews my urge to purge and clear off all the surfaces in my apartment.

Josephine House – If it’s not white, it’s marble, walnut, or cobalt blue.

We were only there from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon but it was enough. We ate so much food and drank fancy things and just enjoyed ourselves. I don’t know why it takes moving locations to do that, since we have ample restaurant scene in Fort Worth. (That would mean less driving too…)

All photos via my instagram.

Bigger Than My Body

DONALD JUDD (15 untitled works in concrete, 1980-1984)



One of the highlights of our trip to Marfa was playing with my new camera at Donald Judd’s concrete works at the Chinati Foundation.  Just one mile out of town, you can walk the one kilometer of 15 concrete works and take pictures–they just ask that you don’t touch them.  I really wanted to crawl inside them…but I didn’t.  Please don’t tell them I did.





We had to take lots of action shots; it was such a neat landscape.  Philip said this is probably the girliest thing about me–insisting on taking fun photos for my blog…



Thank goodness for tripods.  There were a few pictures of me still running to get into place, but Philip managed to get this one just right.  He’s a lot faster than me.



I think we were starting to get tired here.  Mind you, this was about noon on a sunny day and we were ready for lunch and we had almost walked a kilometer–what’s that like 3 miles?  Kidding.




WHEN you go to Marfa, be sure to check out this and the other exhibits (that you aren’t allowed to take pictures of) at the Chinati Foundation.  Very cool stuff.  So much fun to interact with.




Keep The Car Running


Philip and I just got back from our adventure in Marfa, TX (affectionately referred to as “hipster paradise”). I’m already on the road again for work (meetings in Round Rock)–so much driving! The trip to Marfa was worth it! I’ve been dying to go since I read about it in New York Times and have been planning my adventure.


We decided to stay at the Thunderbird Hotel, based on many blog reviews. I highly recommend it–we were able to walk to most of the restaurants and shops. The room was adorable and they served pumpkin-pineapple empanadas at the weekend continental breakfast!


Minimal decor, only the essentials, and everything was of quality. I took all the Malin + Goetz products they gave us!


Loved the patio furniture too! I believe they’re by Benton/Garza in Marfa (they have beautiful wood pieces too).


Start planning your trip now! There are more posts to come. I won’t subject you to the 700+ picture we took…I’ll try to keep it under 100!

Awake My Soul


I spent last weekend visiting my boyfriend’s family in Shreveport, LA.  It’s always a fun time spent eating good food, catching up, and often hearing great music.  This time it was my boyfriend, Philip, on cello and his sister on violin performing at their parents church Sunday morning.  They rehearsed on Saturday and rather than sit quietly and mind my own business, I decided to be a distraction and wander around the sanctuary taking pictures!  Behaving like a child with a new fancy toy camera.

I couldn’t find much information on the church history online.  They recently renovated parts of the campus and freshened up some of the santuary.  It’s a beautiful intimate space with some neat details.


My trip to Marfa is two months from Friday. I cannot wait. I began to obsess over Marfa since I read an article in 2009 in the New York Times. I’ve lived in Texas all my life and I had never heard of it. My mom was born in Pecos, my uncle in San Angelo, and their dad worked in the oil industry. Never heard of it. Now?

via Beyonce | I Am

I cannot STOP hearing about it. All my favorite bloggers go there and take beautiful pictures and have seemingly wonderful experiences. Then flippin’ Beyonce shows up in Marfa! I love me some Beyonce, don’t get me wrong. But now she’s raised the bar. How can I take a decent photo in front of Prada Marfa now?!?

via Thunderbird Marfa

My parents said, “You’re going where?”  and “Why?”


Either way, I still can’t wait to jump in the car with my boyfriend and drive for HOURS to the desert town, eat great food, drink some wine, and RELAX.  Oh and you’re going to hear all about it!  I’ve got two months to work on my high school cheerleader toe-touch and make a Beyonce playlist to drive Philip nuts…

Make Me Smile

My mom found this card that says, “My bologna has a middle name.  It’s Marie.”.  It really made me laugh because this is her defense whenever someone calls me “Mary” or “Maria” by mistake.  “It’s EVERYONE’S middle name!  How do you not know ‘MARIE?!?'”.  Good ol’ Mom, defending her daughter.  Now “Sainton,” that just can’t be helped…
I immediately searched for a frame for the card because it makes me smile and you should fill your home with things that make you happy.  I hung it by my bedroom door where I see it every morning.
I’ve longed for an old printing tray (or an old tray that holds letterpress letters, whatever you want to call it).  I didn’t know what I would do with it, but I had to have it.  I found the one pictured above at the Montgomery Street Antique Mall for a mere $20 (I couldn’t find one Etsy for under $45) and I realized that I have lots of silly, tiny things (again, that bring me joy) that make me sad to dust around and knock over and attempt to artfully arrange.  Now they all have a lovely home together and I don’t think I’ve dusted them since they moved there…  Whoops.
My sweet, sweet boyfriend, Philip sent me these postcards from Hawaii (we had only been dating a couple of months and he had booked this trip loooong before).  Guess which one arrived first?  I though, “There is a butt in my mail…”. These make me grin ear-to-ear when I think about how excited I was to receive them from my new guy.
Now the #1 was a clearance item from Anthropologie, you know back when number stuff was really big?  Now I have lots of random numbers in my apartment.  Remember that show “Numb3rs?”. Nothing like that.  I’m hoping to find a “2” to go with it, because these hang above the toilet and now you know what kind of sense of humor I have.  The “second place” ribbons from a 5K will have to do for now.

Thistle & Weeds



And a happy Monday to you! My morning consisted of answering emails, unearthing submittals, and analyzing all the things in red on my calendar. As you can see in the picture of edge banding options, my desk is atrocious!

When I got home tonight I was so happy to put my feet up at my temporary desk. Last week, I spent my time (when I should have been celebrating my country’s independence) goofing off on all my Apple devices and having a “Weeds” marathon. I set up a spot in my tiny apartment where I could do both!




I’ve been so comfortable at my simplified desk. Surely, I can’t clutter it up…right?


I spent Labor Day weekend in Washington DC! I went with Philip and his family, who were scheduled to perform in a choral concert at the National Cathedral, but it was canceled due to damage to the cathedral from the earthquake. We had our plane tickets and we weren’t going to put them to waste!

I had not been to DC before, so I gawked and pointed shamelessly at all the neat stuff. We were there for six days and exhausted ourselves filling everyday with sights and tours and walking! So much walking!


Me, in front of the Capitol.

Being an interior designer, I spent much of my time inspecting and taking pictures of floors and ceilings. DC did not disappoint!


Wood parquet flooring at the National Gallery of Art.


Wall/ceiling/soffit at the National Museum of the American Indians.


I’m standing in the basement, also known as The Crypt, of the Capitol, on the center that divides Washington into four quadrants.


I have no idea what kind of stone this is, but I was beautiful in person.


The Capitol rotunda ceiling featuring, “The Apotheosis of Washington.” My ignorance of art history really showed on this trip. This depicts Washington ascending and becoming a god.



Mosaic floors at the Library of Congress. There was a very prominent European influence on many of these buildings. Our tour guides said it was because we wanted to show Europe that we were just as good as they were.


Amazing ceiling at the Library of Congress–again, all mosaic!

I hope I get to go to DC again soon–there is so much to see!!! Besides interior finishes…