Thursday Thoughts: Happy Hearts

For me, this week began in a bit of a work panic–just more emails and phone calls than I’m used to.  Nothing that couldn’t be solved, but I got overwhelmed.  I got frustrated.  I needed to focus.  Then someone stopped by my desk to say, “Hey, you’re too quiet!  You need to talk more!”  Not. Helping. Me. Worky. Now.

The week evened out.  I got to ride in the car a bunch yesterday and listening to the new David Sedaris book, “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” on audiobook (I HIGHLY recommend any David Sedaris audiobook), so I was the fool laughing to myself alone in my car.


I also went through some of my recent site visit images and this one made me so happy.  It’s just some crazy 3Form panels hanging from the ceiling.  Just floating bits of color.  That has to make you smile, right?  Thanks 3Form, I needed that.

The Well and The Lighthouse

Tonight is an epic night for the Fort Worth shopping community…we got a Madewell.


It’s right next to our precious J. Crew at University Park Village–think of the convenience! I can’t tell for sure, but I think it’s a little larger than Northpark store.


You could still smell the fresh paint (which is oddly, a smell I love, along with sawdust). The staff is delightful and sweet and fashionable without being intimidating. As in, they would probably help me pull of that effortless, layered look, but could they help me wear red lipstick and make it last all day?!


As a designer that does mostly large scale commercial projects, I’m always amazed at boutique, high-level detail design–how do you spec this clothes rack? Bobrick doesn’t make this? They’ve done a lot with very basic, classic stuff.


I don’t even know what these are, but they were neat and artfully displayed atop a neat display case.


Great job, Madewell! I look forward to visiting you regularly!

Keep The Car Running


Philip and I just got back from our adventure in Marfa, TX (affectionately referred to as “hipster paradise”). I’m already on the road again for work (meetings in Round Rock)–so much driving! The trip to Marfa was worth it! I’ve been dying to go since I read about it in New York Times and have been planning my adventure.


We decided to stay at the Thunderbird Hotel, based on many blog reviews. I highly recommend it–we were able to walk to most of the restaurants and shops. The room was adorable and they served pumpkin-pineapple empanadas at the weekend continental breakfast!


Minimal decor, only the essentials, and everything was of quality. I took all the Malin + Goetz products they gave us!


Loved the patio furniture too! I believe they’re by Benton/Garza in Marfa (they have beautiful wood pieces too).


Start planning your trip now! There are more posts to come. I won’t subject you to the 700+ picture we took…I’ll try to keep it under 100!

Awake My Soul


I spent last weekend visiting my boyfriend’s family in Shreveport, LA.  It’s always a fun time spent eating good food, catching up, and often hearing great music.  This time it was my boyfriend, Philip, on cello and his sister on violin performing at their parents church Sunday morning.  They rehearsed on Saturday and rather than sit quietly and mind my own business, I decided to be a distraction and wander around the sanctuary taking pictures!  Behaving like a child with a new fancy toy camera.

I couldn’t find much information on the church history online.  They recently renovated parts of the campus and freshened up some of the santuary.  It’s a beautiful intimate space with some neat details.

All My Mistakes


When I go on a site visit, I get some anxiety about what I’m going to see.  No matter what you do, it seems there’s always something we fail to communicate.  However, I always learn something new in these trips.
Know your corners.  Know what happens when different finishes intersect.  I think in our minds we though, “Where there’s tile floor, there’s tile wall base.  Where’s there’s carpet floor, there’s vinyl base.”  Sigh.  This was painful to see and it was done.  It was past the point of return.  See if we can put a chair in front of it…
Details, details, details!  In my interior design mind, all the wood grain should go in the same direction on these panels.  In the contractor’s mind, switching it up on the smaller panel is a more efficient use of materials.  I get that, but had I been consulted, the results would be different.  Again, it’s done, it’s too late…
This image shows me that we could have done a better job of communicating with the architect. We had lots of horizontal lines happening inside, they had a bunch of horizontal lines happening outside, and not many of those lines…line up.
Overall, the project looks great and the client is happy.  I can’t help but tear myself apart for those details that we didn’t give enough attention to!  Next time, next time…

Art House Director

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a lovely evening, thanks to the great folks at Knoll, taking a tour of the Dallas Arts District led by the Dallas Center for Architecture.  The DCA offers public and private tours of downtown Dallas architecture–they are a great resource and I learned a lot about an area I’ve lived/worked in/near for my entire life!

We started outside the Dallas Museum of Art at the Flora Street entrance (that I have personally never stood outside of).  The DMA opened in 1984 and is one of the bookends of the Arts District.

The trees outside the DMA were decorated for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit–which is a MUST SEE.  I went the Thursday after it opened and I must have looked like a fool walking around with my mouth agape.  BEAUTIFUL.

We strolled down to the Nasher Sculpture Center, my favorite Arts District building.  Designed by Renzo Piano, it opened in 2003 and is truly a celebration of all the great work the Nasher family did for art and Dallas.

Then we turned around to see the high rise for the Crow Collection of Art.  Fun Fact: this building was designed by Richard Keating, whom I’ve worked with on a recent project.  It’s a small world after all.

A look back at the DMA with Fountain Place, designed by I.M. Pei, in the background.

Past the Meyerson, past the new Museum Tower under contrstuction, past  Belo Mansion, we made it to the new Winspear Opera House.  I’m dying to go inside, but that requires tickets.  Our guide told us about the shading devices and how the architectural team at Foster + Partners did a year long solar study to see exactly where and how many shades were needed.

It’s very effective and very light in appearance.

The water feature between the Winspear and the Wyly Theatre is very cool.  We all behaved like children!  I stuck my foot in.

Isn’t that what they want us to do?  If it were July, I would be barefoot.

The Wyly Theatre is another building that an iPhone camera will not do justice to.  This must be seen and person and I must gather up all my pennies to get inside.  Apparently, there are multiple difference stage setups for different types of performances.  Some of the seating works like a “basketball scoreboard” according to our guide.

Ending at the other bookend, One Arts Plaza, home of the Knoll Dallas showroom and Tei-An for happy hour.  It was a great evening to walk around downtown especially in the mild Texas fall/winter. Contact the Dallas Center for Architecture to sign up!