Thursday Thoughts: Happy Hearts

For me, this week began in a bit of a work panic–just more emails and phone calls than I’m used to.  Nothing that couldn’t be solved, but I got overwhelmed.  I got frustrated.  I needed to focus.  Then someone stopped by my desk to say, “Hey, you’re too quiet!  You need to talk more!”  Not. Helping. Me. Worky. Now.

The week evened out.  I got to ride in the car a bunch yesterday and listening to the new David Sedaris book, “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” on audiobook (I HIGHLY recommend any David Sedaris audiobook), so I was the fool laughing to myself alone in my car.


I also went through some of my recent site visit images and this one made me so happy.  It’s just some crazy 3Form panels hanging from the ceiling.  Just floating bits of color.  That has to make you smile, right?  Thanks 3Form, I needed that.

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