Thursday Thoughts: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away


I love television.  I wish you knew what an understatement that is.  If I’m home, the tv is on.  It keeps me company, it makes me laugh, it makes me cry.  We’ve been like this since I learned to hook up my little 13” tv to the coaxial in my little bedroom in elementary school.  Parents today would be horrified (and yes, my parents made me go outside to play and grounding was mostly “no tv”), but I have a normal social life and am able to communicate in “real” life without too much awkwardness (I have just the right amount).

I never thought much about my unusual obsession until it came to a junior year design project.  We were asked to design a “green” house with modern amenities that would still work in a nearby historical neighborhood.  I placed a big and beautiful flat panel television in the casual living room of the house, surrounded by built-in bookshelves—you know—integrated/designed into the space.  My professor was not pleased.  She wanted me to add doors to cover it up when not in use, because that would help the house fit better with the period.  Sigh.  I stood firm, I did not add doors.  This house was supposedly being built today, not in the 40s (which by the way, still had tvs as a piece of furniture—the big wooden consoles, right?)  I don’t remember my grade exactly, but the tv remained a point of contention.

I loathe armoires for televisions.  I can’t stand faux artwork that slides out of the way and a tv magically appears!  Why?  Because those armoire doors are always open  You end up with a piece of art on tracks that you have to stare at when you do want to watch tv!  This is what it would be like in my house anyway.  Maybe you’re more of an occasional PBS documentary watcher, but I’ll spend the money on a thinner, more beautiful television.

Don’t get me started on putting on the remotes in some decorative box…

2 Replies to “Thursday Thoughts: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”

  1. Readers,
    I will vouch for her normalcy and for the right amout of awkwardness she claims. It’s all true. Regardless of how she feels about the highly functional remote organizing boxes..

    So kidding! About the boxes… ;D

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