Thursday Thoughts: You Can Do Better Than Me


Would you rather be awesome at one thing or pretty good at many things?  I don’t know.

I daydream about my future HGTV show (that I host) and how universally loved it will be and what other offers it would lead to…  A furniture line?  I’m not really a furniture designer, but that kinda makes sense, sure—I’ll do it.  A line of fabrics with Maharam?  I’m not a textile designer, but my God, it’s MAHARAM, yes of course!  A fashion line? (Because, while I may be hosting a fantasy TV show on design, I will be dressed impeccably).  No.  Absolutely not.  I’m not a fashion designer.   I don’t know how to make a thing.  I could attempt to draw something, but it wouldn’t be as good as someone who knows what they’re doing.  But then I would sing and they would love it and then I’d record an album without knowing how to write songs, read music, or play an instrument…*

*The only place any of this exists is in my mind.  None of this is happening.

I like Kelly Wearstler, but when I heard she was coming out with a fashion line, I was skeptical and then proven wrong.  Vera Wang does a lot of stuff well—wedding gowns, linens, jewelry.  I smile any time I see a Diane Von Furstenberg logo.  Did I buy a Tory Burch lunchbox at Target?  I certainly did.

Is being good at “design” a blanket term for being good at lots of things?  I don’t know.  I’m interested in design, I work at it and in it, but, I know I’m not good at ALL things “design.”  But MAYBE, if I took these scissors to my favorite shirt…I could just…  Nope.  Ruined it.

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