Thursday Thoughts: Unbelievers

I listen to podcasts when I work.  I’m lucky that I can still get my work done while half-listening to “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!”  I have a minimum of one earbud in.  I get through lots of audio during the day, it’s a rare occasion when I’m not listening to something.  When I really need to focus or the stress is too much, I turn to music to change my mood.  My mood is upbeat this week due to my latest download:Image

This week, I’ve been obsessed with the new Vampire Weekend album, “Modern Vampires of the City.”  I can’t just listen to a new album, I must have it on a continuous loop until I know ALL the lyrics.  We’re not there yet, so any one who rides in my car…will be subject to some loud singing of incorrect lyrics…

I’ve been listening to their first two albums in preparation in a wonderful way.  It’s different. Darker–their words, not mine.  Lyrics about faith, growing older, frustration.  Lots of good stuff.  I realized that I’m about the same age as Ezra Koenig and Rostam Batmanglij–maybe we’re going through the same stuff–maybe I’m trying not to think about how we’re the same age and they’re who they are and I’m who I am (but I have a blog!?).

Need something new to listen to?  This is it!

3 Replies to “Thursday Thoughts: Unbelievers”

      1. It takes time. Vampire Weekend, like most good music, grows on us over time. I made a point about that in my own Vampire Weekend blog post.

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