Thursday (Friday) Thoughts: Funnyman

(It’s been a good run Thursday Thoughts, but you finally got me!)

I love standup comedy.  I don’t often go to live shows, but I watch it on TV and listen to comedy podcasts.  One comedy podcast that I can’t listen to at work is Pete Holmes‘ “You Made It Weird.”*


I’ve tried to listen at work, but I end up with my head on my desk trying to stifle my laughter.  Or I made lots of weird faces trying to stopping from laughing too audibly.  I can’t help it.  So now it’s my go to workout podcast–I listen to it when I go for a walk, you know, where it’s not weird to see someone laughing audibly to themself…

What are you talking about Marie–tell me how this relates to design?

I’m with you–let me connect some dots.  In general, I like to laugh, I like to have fun, I don’t take myself too seriously.  The same goes for my interior design philosophy.  I want to be in a space that makes me smile.  I want to design something that will bring joy to people and put them at ease.

Some examples of that–I’m working on a hospital project where we have 5 bright accent colors, why?  Because it’s fun.  It has energy.  It’s cheerful.  And it’s not expected in a hospital.  It’s needed.  There’s still a lot of debate on the shade of green I chose though…

I really admire Jonathan Adler‘s work because it has so much whimsy and happiness while remaining sophisticated and elegant.  That’s where my next home decor shopping spree needs to take place.  (Wait…have I ever had a home decor shopping spree?)

Jonathan Adler Interior Design


So comedy/interior design (stay with me)–comedy is a release, it’s great to laugh and smile and feel good.  Your interiors should do the same.

*Pete Holmes new hour is “Nice Try, The Devil,” and he’s doing a show in Dallas on July 13th!

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