Latest Obsession: Hip To Be Square

Do you ever go back and look at your Pinterest boards?  I rarely do and I am always shocked to find how similar they all are–my kitchens: mostly white cabinets, my bathrooms: mostly marble.  This subconscious pinning will help with the decision-making process when it comes to building my dream home….

Via ELLE DECOR: Haynes Roberts Bridgehampton Home
Via ELLE DECOR: Haynes Roberts Bridgehampton Home

Lately, I’m pinning square coffee tables.  I never thought about them much because I’ve only lived in tiny apartments with little rectangular coffee tables, including my current ottoman/foot rest/sleeping surface for small guests.  (True story–I pushed the ottoman up to an arm-chair to make a ‘chaise’ and made a guest sleep on it.  I didn’t get any complaints, but I also didn’t get any, “That was wonderful!”)

The square coffee table intrigues me because they seem so large.  I stack some junk on one end, there’s a messy pile of remotes in another corner, folded laundry that just won’t go away, and still plenty of room for my feet and a Diet Coke (I refuse to own a coffee table that I wouldn’t be okay putting my feet on–I’m my own child proofing, i.e. Marie-proofing).




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