Up, Up and Away

photo by Sean Berry, A Guy & A Girl Weddings

I stopped doing stuff here for a while.  Why?  I started looking for a new job back in July 2013 and I included “mariesainton.com” on my contact information.  I thought, “Sure, I’ve paid $18/year to have my own domain name!  If you Google me, it’s going to come up (as well as a bone disease).  Let’s include it!”  Then I remembered that I had a blog on that site.  It’s really not a big deal to have that blog, and I don’t think I’ve said anything on there truly demeaning or embarrassing.  I envisioned a potential employer reading about my love of the latest Vampire Weekend album.  Hmm…  Then I kind of froze on what would be a good topic to discuss in front of people who where considering me for a position.  So the blog just stopped.

No one was upset, the world turned, everyone lived.  I think my mom and co-worker/friend, Meagan were the only ones to ask–they are my most loyal readers.

I found a new job at a great place with fun people.  I was exhausted for about a month absorbing this change and constantly being on my toes and learning new things.  This job is also in Dallas, and I lived in Fort Worth–so goodbye 1.5 hours of my day due to commuting (actually that time was well spent singing in the car and listening to podcasts).  When would I have time to collect my thoughts on a blog?  Let alone type them out.

Two weeks into the new job, Philip and I took a vacation to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  It was so beautiful and relaxing and exciting!  On November 1st, 2013 while we were walking around the Blue Spring Heritage Center, Philip proposed!  It was a dream come true and the beginning of our 10-month engagement.  I learned that being engaged is a mix of joy, emotion, stress, panic, and overwhelming love.  I should capture all these feelings on my blog!  Wait–is that too personal?  I’ve sent this link to many people now…

After commuting to the new job in Dallas from Fort Worth for four months, I finally moved to Dallas.  I had lived in Dallas when I graduated from college, I grew up in a Dallas suburb, but this was hard.  I really loved living in Fort Worth.  Philip was still in Fort Worth, so many friends are there, my church is not there, but much closer to there than Dallas.  It was kind of lonely at first (i’m being dramatic), but I got through it and distracted myself with lots of work and wedding planning!

Months later, Philip moved in and we got married.  Everything they say is true.  It was a surreal experience to walk into our church, clutching my dad’s arm and there it is–our wedding.  There’s Philip and everyone we love and we’re going to do this!  The big party after was the best party I’ve ever been to (not because we did a particularly amazing job at planning our reception) because again, a room full of people you love who keep telling you how beautiful you are (because would they dare say otherwise?) and you get to eat tacos and drink margaritas and dance with your best friends and then they wave glow sticks as you leave the party early and don’t have to clean up.  No time for a blog post on this day.

The honeymoon (magical), then back to work (mixed emotions), then back to a new normal (exciting).  There is definitely an absence of stress (no more wedding planning!), but there’s still lots of little things to do (that name change!).  Part of me wants to relive every single moment of the wedding and explain my thought process because every little decision we made and also, share all the amazing vendors we used and grew to love over the planning process.  In addition to that, I’ve felt the need to organize my thoughts, on lots of stuff, and write it out.  What better place to do that in front of all of you!

My hope is that I can use this blog for me, to share, not necessarily personal stuff, not specifically interior design stuff, but stuff.  Stuff that I need to think through or get off my chest in a positive and honest way.  I’m not sure what I’m doing here, but we’ll figure it out.

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