Helplessness Blues

On a day like today, I can think of so many other things I’d rather do instead of drafting tile elevations.  As I look out my huge work window, on the 23rd floor, overlooking downtown Fort Worth, the sky is a beautiful gray, which makes me think it’s so nice and cool outside.  I should be walking to get a real lunch (not my PB&J) in a chunky sweater and jeans-tucked-into-boots look.

Actually, I’m dying to go home and try out some recipes from Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook, My Father’s Daughter, I just purchased.  I have used up all my hot pink Post It notes marking with recipes I’d like to try first.  Friday night, Philip (the bf) and I will make the Cheesy Stuffed Burgers and No Fry French Fries (the epitome of health); then on Saturday, Amy and I are going to make them again while we watch “Country Strong”—GOOP Girls Night!  (Then we’ll have to do the Tracy Anderson Method the next day!)

Last night, Philip and I went to see the beautiful and mellow Fleet Foxes at the Palladium.  On our way back home from Dallas, sleepy and tired, Philip made a joke about how either we were or weren’t “night owls” (we’re not, for the record), and I immediately started talking about Sherwin Williams “Night Owl,” which is a shade of gray (what a way to bring down the conversation, Marie)!  So now I’m thinking of the perfect shade of gray to paint my future kitchen, to make my healthy Gwyneth Paltrow food with Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer website.  Such a fun site!

I chose SW7645 Thunder Gray for this rendering.  I would ideally have white-painted cabinets, quartz counters and backsplash, and more windows (not to mention a better work triangle).  Now I gotta go sketch stuff…  I wonder if I could still get my deposit back for my apartment if I redecorated the kitchen…  It would be an improvement— c’mon!

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