All The Things That Go To Make Heaven And Earth

Last Saturday, Philip and I attended the grand opening of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas in Fort Worth.  They opened the building to the public and let us peak inside all those new cabinets!  There were local food vendors and live music, even the TCU Cheerleaders stopped by with Super Frog!

The BRIT is a beautiful LEED Platinum building (kind of a big deal) and was designed by H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture.  I originally came to gawk and judge, but then Philip and I remembered that our phones have cameras!

As soon as we walked in, I zoomed straight to (in a haze, bumping into many people) this gorgeous wall.  It’s made of reclaimed wood from Krantz Recovered Woods, specifically 1×4, 1×6, and 2×4 sinker cypress (sunken logs that were at the bottom of lakes and rivers) planks in a patter by turning them flat and on their side.

There’s also linear, orange lighting that must look amazing at night (I’ll tell you now, this place is available for events).

How great would a cocktail party be on the “Oak Terrace?”  It over looks some of the prairie area behind the building and towards Will Rogers and the museums.

The BRIT has great natural light throughout with skylights, sidelights, and windows into all the conference and work rooms.  My favorite part of any LEED building is when they choose to add signage to explain all the “green stuff” in the building–wool carpet, FSC certified wood, geothermal walls!  The signage, overall, was amazing and informative.

And like any great museum, the gift shop was great.  Tiny…but great.  You can register there–I was dying for this silver hibiscus platter (around $130).

Philip and I greatly enjoyed the horn-handled magnifying glass for identifying all those plant species.

You can still go on tours–public, private, docent led, etc.  The BRIT is a fantastic addition to Fort Worth!

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