Bone House

Today I had the PRIVILEGE, again thanks to Knoll Dallas, of touring The Rachofsky House in Dallas.  Completed in 1996, this is a private home designed by Richard Meier.  You can schedule a tour (two weeks in advance) with a group of 10-25 people.  Or you could be a really awesome person who attends really neat events at this place, such as Two x Two for AIDS and Art.

The art in the galleries changes about every year.  We were given a list of the pieces on the property (over 80) which in a variety of mediums.

This was one of my favorite pieces in the “living room,” Slack of Vinyl, 1970 by Jiro Takamasu.  They made sure we didn’t accidentally step on it…

The floating study was off-limits; the house is still in use by the owners on occasion.  I would love a desk like that!

The bright white kitchen is on the first floor, along with the formal dining, and gallery.  Everyone’s favorite piece was opposite this view:

you’re greedy and you’re selfish., 2008 by Ricci Albenda  That will certainly put things in perspective over your morning cup of coffee!

The exterior and sculpture garden were equally breathtaking:

The property is over three acres–in the middle of Dallas–and there’s a pond!  Those are three geese at the edge.

I loved how the more traditional property is juxtaposed next door.  Also, it’s not easy to tell with my iPhone pictures, but the sculpture in the foreground is Cave Bear Teeth, 2000 by Kiki Smith.  They are cast bronze teeth!

This was truly time well spent and an excellent break from work.  If you get the chance to go, jump at it!

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