Everlasting Light

When my sister and I have moved, we looked to our parents to see if they had an furniture they “no longer needed.” My parents thought my sister would like this old floor lamp of theirs (that I never cared for), but she didn’t and my parents didn’t want it anymore, so…my feelings started to change. It was a shiny brass floor lamp with a glass table attached. It’s weird, right?


I stripped it down to it’s bare essentials (in Dad’s work area over Christmas break). Dad showed me how to strip the finish with pain thinner and then some areas needed to be sanded, due to a dog of ours who had an affinity for making his mark.


I debated getting a crazy color (kelly green, teal), but I was stricken with holiday laziness and the need for more gold in my life. In the aisles of Lowes, I managed to find a Valspar gold metallic–not shiny, not really matte either.


It went on VERY smoothly. It made a big difference that the base was already similar to the final color.


Can’t forget all the little pieces!


Especially the little finial that just rolls around when you spray it!

It took me a while to find the right lampshade. I wanted something fun, but I wasn’t willing to pay much for it. Anthropologie had some great options, but no sales (except when I went in the other day, the $128 shade I loved is now down to $70)! Eventually, I had people coming over to my apartment and a bare bulb. I finally found a great $20 shade at Target (their home items are constantly improving).


The final product in place! I’m very pleased with my new (to me) lamp and I’m glad I didn’t let it go to waste.

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