White Winter Hymnal

Busy, busy, busy!  In the past month, I’ve gone on vacation, and 4 work trips!  C’mon!  And now it’s nearly Thanksgiving, which means…  103.7FM needs to start playing Christmas music!

Among the busyness and the impending holidays, I’ve got the urge to purge, simplify, and clean stuff up.  I’ve been gradually cleaning out my closet, recycling magazines, but there are some pieces in my apartment that I’d like to add as I’ve made room.  Everything I look for and am drawn to is white and clean!  I have my eye on some Billy bookcases from Ikea.

via Ikea

I haven’t been much of an Ikea shopper in the past, but I’m afraid if I save up for some nicer ones, they’ll be gone by the time I have the cash!  Plus, what I’m really interested in is doors!  I love cabinetry and I love glass doors–I want them in my kitchen and I want them on my bookcases.  Not only do I love the look, but it also means a lot less dusting!  Just more fingerprints…wait a minute…

The fun thing about these too, is that it would be very easy to add a wallcovering to the back panel (since it’s a separate piece when you assemble it)!  Not sure how crazy to go with that yet since the books will add lots of color and texture.

The other thing I’ve had my eye on is from Nate Berkus’ new line for Target.  I saw it in the store and my eyes grew wide with excitement.

via Target

In the store they had a deep green and a very pretty yellow and I thought, is this too nuts?  Will these colors go?  At $40, it was too big of a risk for an impulse purchase.  Then I went online and saw it in white–perfection!

It’s still a little nutty, but in a good way.  It’s a conversation starter.  Now I just need to paint a wall navy or purple or something really dark…

I just realized that I could have grouped this all into a “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…” kind of thing…  Hmm…

Keep The Car Running


Philip and I just got back from our adventure in Marfa, TX (affectionately referred to as “hipster paradise”). I’m already on the road again for work (meetings in Round Rock)–so much driving! The trip to Marfa was worth it! I’ve been dying to go since I read about it in New York Times and have been planning my adventure.


We decided to stay at the Thunderbird Hotel, based on many blog reviews. I highly recommend it–we were able to walk to most of the restaurants and shops. The room was adorable and they served pumpkin-pineapple empanadas at the weekend continental breakfast!


Minimal decor, only the essentials, and everything was of quality. I took all the Malin + Goetz products they gave us!


Loved the patio furniture too! I believe they’re by Benton/Garza in Marfa (they have beautiful wood pieces too).


Start planning your trip now! There are more posts to come. I won’t subject you to the 700+ picture we took…I’ll try to keep it under 100!

Jackie, Dressed In Cobras

*I like to name posts after some of my favorite songs, so I try to search my iTunes for a title that makes me smile, but doesn’t always make sense…




Often times, I trick myself in to dressing properly (you know, street style blog pic chic), by telling myself, “I could run into a potential client today.”  There are other ways to trick yourself—dress like you’ll run into an ex, dress for the job you want not the job you have, everyday is a runway!  But as I try to develop my business, I have to remind myself that everywhere I go is a chance to meet people and network (without scaring strangers at the supermarket and shouting, “You need a designer?  Look how cute I am!”).  I’ve had too many experiences of running into people at the grocery store post-workout-no-makeup (this was constantly happening at Central Market), which is fine, but I’d rather present my best self whenever possible—meaning, you can still find me at Target without makeup.


THE Designing Women via InStyle


I think, probably too much, about how interior designers dress, as an average, not a rule.  I feel the need to record my thoughts on this topic, for no other reason than self serving ones.  I think of us as stylish, but not nearly as stylish as those in the fashion industry.  We like to be sophisticated, but we’re not as quick to try trends—much like interior design itself–you don’t try all the latest trends in your home, you usually want something to last and is timeless.  We don’t all wear black and grey head to toe, which is more common, in my experience, among architects.  We like to stand out more.   We love color!


Three chic designers, one with bad posture… via MetroCon


I went to MetroCon last week and chatted up my super chic, interior designer friend, Erin who was wearing a black ensemble with a big, beautiful necklace.  I thought to myself, “Yes, this is how interior designers dress!”  We love statement pieces!  We love wearing things that warrant a comment!  We love a focal point and we usually do it with our accessories—shoes, jewelry, scarves, etc.  It’s the same when you decorate your home—the focal point isn’t usually the flooring, it may be the rug on top of it.  It’s not always the sofa, but the pillows on throws on the sofa.  The focal points and accessories are something you can “cost-effectively” change over time based on trends or how tired you are of it after a few years.


Have you noticed certain trends or habits in your line of work?  Do the men all wear blue shirts with khakis?  Is that true of men in all professions?

All My Mistakes


When I go on a site visit, I get some anxiety about what I’m going to see.  No matter what you do, it seems there’s always something we fail to communicate.  However, I always learn something new in these trips.
Know your corners.  Know what happens when different finishes intersect.  I think in our minds we though, “Where there’s tile floor, there’s tile wall base.  Where’s there’s carpet floor, there’s vinyl base.”  Sigh.  This was painful to see and it was done.  It was past the point of return.  See if we can put a chair in front of it…
Details, details, details!  In my interior design mind, all the wood grain should go in the same direction on these panels.  In the contractor’s mind, switching it up on the smaller panel is a more efficient use of materials.  I get that, but had I been consulted, the results would be different.  Again, it’s done, it’s too late…
This image shows me that we could have done a better job of communicating with the architect. We had lots of horizontal lines happening inside, they had a bunch of horizontal lines happening outside, and not many of those lines…line up.
Overall, the project looks great and the client is happy.  I can’t help but tear myself apart for those details that we didn’t give enough attention to!  Next time, next time…

I Can Learn

Two weeks ago, I went with the boyfriend and my friend, Elizabeth to see our favorite podcasters and comedians–Nerdist (Chris HardwickJonah Ray, and Matt Mira)!  (Behind them are Elizabeth, myself, and Philip/the boyfriend).  They did their live show at the South Side Music Hall and it was great!  I’m lucky enough that I can listen to their podcast while I work, but I usually have to stifle my laughter to stop weirding out my coworkers.

I think of myself as mildly nerdy.  I love Harry Potter, I’m catching up on Doctor Who, I like reading business books, I’ve got the glasses, and I’m good at Trivial Pursuit.  Chris Hardwick wrote a book, “The Nerdist Way” and in it he argues that “nerdiness” does not necessarily mean an affinity for science and Star Wars, but rather an obsessive approach to a subject. Which leads me to think–am I a design nerd?  I could learn more about the Eames, I understand fabric properties, I can draft like nobody’s business (but hey, I’m here to design, not draft!)

But here’s how I’m design nerdy: details!  I love the details!  I love figuring out how to build the crazy things we design and how every piece intersects.  Show me some wood joinery, I die (a la Rachel Zoe)!  Last Sunday, Philip and I had lunch at Schlotsky’s (not a place I associate with great details) and they had plastic laminate tables with PVC edgebanding.  But not just any edgebanding, the exact kind I had been looking for on a project.  I couldn’t find any image online and I couldn’t describe it properly to anyone (many failed attempts).  I took a picture with my phone and blabbed on and on to Philip about the pros and cons of plastic laminate countertops and the different ways to to finish the edges.  He’s a really great guy to listen to my crazy.
The moral of the story is be kind to nerds.  They have a wealth of information they would love to share with you.  And find your nerdiness–you know you have one!

Make Me Smile

My mom found this card that says, “My bologna has a middle name.  It’s Marie.”.  It really made me laugh because this is her defense whenever someone calls me “Mary” or “Maria” by mistake.  “It’s EVERYONE’S middle name!  How do you not know ‘MARIE?!?'”.  Good ol’ Mom, defending her daughter.  Now “Sainton,” that just can’t be helped…
I immediately searched for a frame for the card because it makes me smile and you should fill your home with things that make you happy.  I hung it by my bedroom door where I see it every morning.
I’ve longed for an old printing tray (or an old tray that holds letterpress letters, whatever you want to call it).  I didn’t know what I would do with it, but I had to have it.  I found the one pictured above at the Montgomery Street Antique Mall for a mere $20 (I couldn’t find one Etsy for under $45) and I realized that I have lots of silly, tiny things (again, that bring me joy) that make me sad to dust around and knock over and attempt to artfully arrange.  Now they all have a lovely home together and I don’t think I’ve dusted them since they moved there…  Whoops.
My sweet, sweet boyfriend, Philip sent me these postcards from Hawaii (we had only been dating a couple of months and he had booked this trip loooong before).  Guess which one arrived first?  I though, “There is a butt in my mail…”. These make me grin ear-to-ear when I think about how excited I was to receive them from my new guy.
Now the #1 was a clearance item from Anthropologie, you know back when number stuff was really big?  Now I have lots of random numbers in my apartment.  Remember that show “Numb3rs?”. Nothing like that.  I’m hoping to find a “2” to go with it, because these hang above the toilet and now you know what kind of sense of humor I have.  The “second place” ribbons from a 5K will have to do for now.

Halfway Home

Welcome!  So this is where I live…

This past weekend, my friend, Meagan, lent me her super fancy camera to play with.  I’m planning to get a Canon Rebel of my own soon (my iPhone has replaced my Sony point-and-shoot, but it can only do so much).  I haven’t done “real” photography since college (meaning Photography 101–take the lens cover off..) and that was film, not digital.  I completely forgot what all the bells and whistles do!  So, for practice, I took pictures of my apartment.

I wish I had done at the last place I lived in Oak Cliff—a beautiful 1920s apartment building on Bishop Avenue.  Sadly, I only have a few iPhone pictures from my first night there with “The Office” playing on the tv.  I’ve lived in my ode-to-Arts-and-Crafts Fort Worth apartment for 2 ½ years now, so there’s no time like the present!  Even though, I’d like to put up drapes, I wish I had painted the walls when I first moved in, I hate the size of the kitchen (it’s too big, but not in a good way), my bedroom is BEIGE, etc.–I could go on and on, I’ll stop.

Technically, it’s a space I designed (other than the architecture, the wall colors, the cabinets, the layout…) so it needs to be documented and added to the portfolio!

Thistle & Weeds



And a happy Monday to you! My morning consisted of answering emails, unearthing submittals, and analyzing all the things in red on my calendar. As you can see in the picture of edge banding options, my desk is atrocious!

When I got home tonight I was so happy to put my feet up at my temporary desk. Last week, I spent my time (when I should have been celebrating my country’s independence) goofing off on all my Apple devices and having a “Weeds” marathon. I set up a spot in my tiny apartment where I could do both!




I’ve been so comfortable at my simplified desk. Surely, I can’t clutter it up…right?

Bone House

Today I had the PRIVILEGE, again thanks to Knoll Dallas, of touring The Rachofsky House in Dallas.  Completed in 1996, this is a private home designed by Richard Meier.  You can schedule a tour (two weeks in advance) with a group of 10-25 people.  Or you could be a really awesome person who attends really neat events at this place, such as Two x Two for AIDS and Art.

The art in the galleries changes about every year.  We were given a list of the pieces on the property (over 80) which in a variety of mediums.

This was one of my favorite pieces in the “living room,” Slack of Vinyl, 1970 by Jiro Takamasu.  They made sure we didn’t accidentally step on it…

The floating study was off-limits; the house is still in use by the owners on occasion.  I would love a desk like that!

The bright white kitchen is on the first floor, along with the formal dining, and gallery.  Everyone’s favorite piece was opposite this view:

you’re greedy and you’re selfish., 2008 by Ricci Albenda  That will certainly put things in perspective over your morning cup of coffee!

The exterior and sculpture garden were equally breathtaking:

The property is over three acres–in the middle of Dallas–and there’s a pond!  Those are three geese at the edge.

I loved how the more traditional property is juxtaposed next door.  Also, it’s not easy to tell with my iPhone pictures, but the sculpture in the foreground is Cave Bear Teeth, 2000 by Kiki Smith.  They are cast bronze teeth!

This was truly time well spent and an excellent break from work.  If you get the chance to go, jump at it!

Can’t Buy Me Love

I don’t normally like garage sales.  I’m not a big fan of thrift stores.  I don’t enjoy digging through piles or racks.  I don’t want to spend all day driving from store to store looking for the best deal.  I prefer pouring over catalogs, magazines, and websites and dog-earring or bookmarking my favorite things, that I begin to obsess over until I finally go see it in person and purchase it.  It takes longer this way, but I rarely return things or regret purchases.

Today was an exception, my church had their annual garage sale to benefit missions, so I thought I should check it out.  Maybe there would be a side chair that needs reupholstering?  I knew my sister needed some little things for her apartment, so I had something in mind and I found this lamp:

Only three dollars!  It really only needs a new shade to update it.  I texted a picture to Adrienne and she wanted it (I was ready to keep it for myself if she didn’t).  She loves purples and reds, so this mustard yellow should complement those colors well.

After my one-for-one success, I headed to Again & Again in Dalls for the Riverfront’s Fall Antiques District Streetwide Sale.  I’ve never been to the store and they post great things on Facebook, I had to go!

This bench/ottoman/coffee table reminds me of the antique rug ottomans I’ve been seeing so much of (and wanting) lately.  This one was super long; I wasn’t ready to drive back to Fort Worth with that in my tiny car.  You can see so much great stuff in the background–I will be back!

I loved this mirror!  It has a crack in the lower left hand corner, but you could put a plant in front of that, right?

This was my favorite of all the awesome lamps.

I had gone through half the store before I realized there were fixtures for sale on the ceiling too!  This store has too many good things to mentally process and the staff was very helpful too.

I walked around to some of the other stores in the area and there were so many great deals to be had!

Oh hey, is anyone looking for an “XL Blowfish on Art Deco Chrome Stand?”  I know where you can get one.

I audibly gasped when I saw this sign–it’s like when you’re little and you see the personlized license plate keychains or magnets with your random non-Lindsay name on it:

Bizarre!  I tried to take more pictures of it, but a lady (who I hope worked there) came up behind me and said, “I don’t think they want you taking pictures of that!”  I did my patented high-pitch-nervous-laugh-mumble and left the store.  Really?  That’s what I should have said, “Really!??”  I don’t do much shopping for clients, but surely, I could take pictures of things to show them.  Hmm…

I cheered myself up back in Fort Worth with a skirt from Anthropologie and some new software for my laptop.  Retail therapy always cheers me up!  Happy shopping!